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Behind the lens

Jody Terrell is a small town Georgia boy who has never met a stranger. This one of 9 children family man enjoys connecting with people and hearing their stories. He has had the opportunity to visit some of God's most breathtaking places on earth like Hawaii, Italy, and Egypt, and has always loved the challenge of bringing home photographs that do these places justice. He has also lead mission trips both domestic and foreign. Long before he discovered a passion for travel, his favorite past time was and always has been photography. 

Megan, a Northern Michigan native, is Jody's wife of ten  incredible years,  and is his assistant in many ways. She is also a cosmetologist who offers her services to help those in front of the camera look and feel their best.

Jody and Megan love working together, and with their strengths combined they create fun photoshoots and beautiful photographs. They are always learning and growing in work, life, and love. They reside in Kalkaska, Michigan with their two brilliant and mischievous sons.